No detail is complete without clean, dressed tires, and Grip Gloss is a tire dressing that puts the finishing touch on the perfect detail. Grip Gloss was carefully designed to offer superior protection by forming a barrier to block harmful UV rays from attacking the rubber compounds in the tire. Grip Gloss is ideal for use on all tires and can easily achieve a slick and shiny or flat and matte finish.

Grip Gloss 946ml

    • For best results, clean tires prior to use with Limitless Decon Degreaser.
    • Spray on use: Spray onto the tire until even coverage is achieved. Wipe residue from rim with Limitless Waterless Wipe and a Microfiber Towel.
    • Applicator use: Apply a small amount of Grip Gloss to applicator and rub on tire in a back and forth motion until even coverage is achieved. Grip Gloss will dry in about 30 minutes. If a matte look is desired simply buff with a Microfiber Towel.

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