Bathe your vehicle in a rich lather of cleaners, gloss enhancers, paint protectors, and lubrication with Limitless Lather. Specially engineered to be hard on grime and dirt with a superior dwell time, but gentle on wax and sealants while giving an extra boost of protection and gloss. Limitless Lather is PH neutral and biodegradable. Use as a maintenance wash as often as desired without fear of stripping the vehicle's protection. For use with a traditional two bucket wash, or create endless suds with a foam cannon.

Limitless Lather 946ml

    • For use with a two bucket wash, pour 60ml into 15 litres of water. Wash with a Limitless Wash Mitt in straight back-and-fourth passes. For use in a foam cannon, dilute 1:10 (LL:Water) and spray as desired. Dry.

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